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For many young people – and in fact many of us – the prospect of dressing up smartly and stepping into a room with professionals, is uncomfortable at best and anxiety inducing at worst. However, networking is an integral part of adult life and is a skill that is vital for building relationships and developing yourself professionally.

Recruitment firm BIE Executive partnered with us in 2020 and they’re aware of how difficult it is for care-experienced young people to gain access to professional networks, positively engage with professionals and benefit from their insight.

Eager to help young people overcome these challenges, their team designed an innovative and unique event. Network & Nourish was aimed at demystifying the world of networking and exposing the person behind the job title, they brought a variety of business leaders, high-level professionals, and young people together. Each young person was given the opportunity to speak honestly with three different professionals, getting to know them as people, learning from their experiences, and talking about their own ambitions and aspirations.

With representatives from the tech and finance industries, HR and leadership, the event offered a safe place to ask questions, build skills, and empower young people to follow their career dreams with more confidence.

For our young people, the event showed them the value of making the most of the opportunities that arise.

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