Webinar: Mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on care leavers’ career prospects

Today, we’ve been joined by over 50 individuals curious to learn more about not only the impact of Covid-19 on care-experienced young peoples’ career prospects, but more importantly, about how they can make a positive difference.

Webinar for employers interested to learn about supporting care-experienced young people in the face of youth unemployment.

About this Event

Sharing 10 years’ of Learning: Care Leavers and Careers

Hosted by Drive Forward Foundation, a charity which supports young adults in London who have left the care system into fulfilling careers. Join us as we mark 10 years of furthering social mobility, share what we have learnt and discuss how recent events have shaped and fuelled our efforts.

Youth Unemployment – Care Leavers – Black Lives Matter – Social Responsibility

Recent events have put enormous pressure on all of us, but it hasn’t taken away our values, ambitions and our shared goal, at Drive Forward, of creating a more just, inclusive and equal society. It has highlighted the necessity to build communities and support one another. We are eager to strengthen and continue to build a strong support network for individuals leaving care. It is with this in mind that we would like to invite employers to an open conversation in which we will share what we’ve learnt from our 10 year history of working in social mobility and inclusion as well as how we are adapting to recent events to continue our work with employers to create more diverse workforces.

Who is this event for?

CR/CSR/Corporate Citizenship/ESG/Social Innovation managers, D&I/Social Mobility/Public Relations/in-house recruiters/Early in Careers or those championing these areas within SMEs or larger companies.

We recognise that you’re an expert in your field and encourage you to come along to share your own perspectives, challenges and successes on supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Why consider joining us?

We’ve worked with over 100 companies, including American Express, Superdrug and SMEs like Module Media. Come along, to hear highlights on meeting business objectives such as finding diverse talent, employee motivation, honing leadership skills and client engagement.

At this time of increasing global awareness around race and social justice, it is vital that employers take responsibility in mitigating the impact of Covid-19 so that it does not create greater disparity and disadvantage. At Drive Forward, we’re acutely aware of these inequalities: prior to lockdown 40% of care leavers aged 19-21 were recorded as not in education, employment or training (compared to 19% of the average population); 25% of the homeless population have been in care. We work with individuals who have experienced an intersection of systemic barriers. For example, over 60% of those we support are from a BAME background and so racial equality in the workplace is essential to achieving our mission.

We hope you’ll be interested to discuss with us:

How can we all ensure that Covid-19 doesn’t create yet more barriers for those who are already disadvantaged, and how can we create tangible ways for employers to progress their social mobility commitments?

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