The PhotoVoice Project

Earlier this year, our Compass Programme teamed up with PhotoVoice, who run participatory photography projects with the goal of promoting positive social change. 14-year-old Yasser shares his experiences:

Last month, me and a group of my fellow Compass friends joined a project known as the PhotoVoice Project. It aims to help children on their journey through care. What is different about PhotoVoice, is that it’s much more interactive. 

We were all given a camera to take pictures and help us voice our feelings and emotions through images from our lives. This project was especially helpful as we had times where we sat down as a group and shared our images with each other, one step to enabling us to open up our minds and voice how we feel freely. The project went over 4 weeks, with two sessions moving online because of the current situation. 

The American aphorist Manson Cooley once said, “Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.” Photograph by Mohammed, 14.

PhotoVoice ultimately has helped me to learn and understand that there are many things out there to help us be what we want to be and do what we can do to help other people. PhotoVoice proved that images and photographs are a successful and efficient way of doing this, and that as a group we can achieve great things.

I personally enjoyed PhotoVoice as it gave me this opportunity to be a better me and help others through the hardships they face, and that we are all one, and that we all have a voice, a PhotoVoice.

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