Peer mentoring – could it be for you?

Drive Forward is looking for motivated young professionals who have worked with us before and are eager to make a real difference in other care-experienced young people’s lives. You’re in full-time employment and want to help those who may not have found their perfect career yet. Pretty much anyone can do it, regardless of background or experience with mentoring. All we ask is that you are supportive, a clear communicator, reliable, and realistic with your expectations and boundaries.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring can be defined as one person helping another to realise their potential and helping them work towards their goals. It involves offering information, advice and assistance in a way that empowers the mentee. Young people, especially those who are NEET (not in education, employment or training) really need advice and support about the initial challenges of life in the workplace. By providing a listening ear and sharing your experiences in work and with DFF, you can help to ensure that our young people embarking on this new stage of their lives get the most out of both experiences.

DFF created this project to allow both mentees and mentors to gain skills, experiences, knowledge, and build a strong support network. We want young people to feel encouraged by their peers, learning from their personal experiences, trials, and tribulations. The project’s main emphasis is sharing what you have learnt in order to overcome personal and professional obstacles to get into work as well as in the workplace.

For example, have you ever had to navigate a tricky situation at work like a conflict between two colleagues, or a misunderstanding between you and your manager, or maybe you’ve experienced some unjustified criticism? These are things that many young people who go into a job will come across. Without sufficient experience and a robust set of interpersonal skills, situations like these can be pretty hard to deal with. The same goes, for example, for how to behave at an office birthday or Christmas party; or how to talk to your manager about a pay rise or your workload etc.

As a peer mentor, you’re able to provide valuable advice and support to your mentee and help them to sail through challenges more smoothly.

What do peer mentors get out of it?

You can become part of the peer mentoring community, make friends, receive training and expand your personal and professional networks. You will gain experience in mentoring and coaching as well as develop skills in: communication, professionalism, safeguarding, and handling confidential data. Through acting and operating as a peer mentor, it exemplifies your responsibility towards other people and your ability to nurture professional relationships.

You will be able to bring your own ideas and creative flare to help develop and shape the project. You may choose to meet for a coffee with your mentee or perhaps walk around a park or art gallery enjoying what London has to offer for the young and curious. The environment and atmosphere you choose is up to both you and your mentee. Drive Forward will cover all reasonable costs so neither the mentee or mentor will be out of pocket whilst taking part in the programme.

Great, where do I sign up?

Easy. Just drop Nicholl a line or call her on 075 843 260 62 or 0207 620 3000.

Nicholl Hardwick is an Employment Consultant of Drive Forward Foundation
Nicholl Hardwick

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