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Welcome to our Opportunities Platform! Here you can find tips, hints & links to interesting offers all around London (online and offline). We will keep this page updated with the newest opportunities. Once you spot something that you want to engage with, just drop us a message and we will get you started.
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What I liked most about the course was that we learnt how to use a camera... and we were able to keep them too. I take pictures now every day!
14 years old

We are looking forward to seeing you at our events in 2021!

March 2021

Digital Work Experience

In this programme, you will be joining as if you were a Linklaters trainee, about to start your Training Contract with us. You will get an insight into the structure of a Training Contract, increase your knowledge of our core practice areas and understand the range of work that a trainee gets involved in. You will also learn about the pro bono work at the firm and the ongoing training and development our trainees benefit from throughout their Training Contract and beyond.

Skills for Business

This is your opportunity to LEVEL UP and learn valuable Business Skills. Get in touch with Claudia, Francis or Stacey an sign up!

Join us!

• What the civil service is, various departments that are in the civil service and work they do • An overview of healthcare industry and professions within- science, doctors, nurses, speech therapists, HR, admin, finance, maintenance, etc. • An overview of the Agency, what it does • Exercises with job adverts and finding what skills/qualifications to help them plan for the future.

Ongoing 2021

Meet us once a month for 2 hours of Fun!

Saturday 06th of February//Sunday 7th of March//Saturday 3rd of Apri//lSunday 2nd of May//Saturday 5th of June//Always at 12pm-2pm

Come by and say hi!

Every Tuesday you can just come by and meet us online for a quick chat and catch up! This is your space and you can bring to it whatever you like! See you on Tuesday! P.S. We will share the zoom link with you on WhatsApp.!

Level Up and Learn!

You have the exclusive opportunity to speak to a professional who works in the industry that you are interested in! All you have to do is REACH OUT TO US and tell us. We will then link you to someone who can give you first hand insights! Text Stacey or Claudia for more information! Level up! Challenge accepted?!

Young Writers

Do you want to get experience in creative writing, vlogging, blogging or anything else that you think is great to share?! You have an opportunity to write about your Breakthrough experience and get rewarded with a 20£ voucher! On top of that you will get professional support from Claudia & you work will be published on our website, on Instagram and in our annual report! Of course, you will also get a certificate that acknowledges your good work! Get in touch with Claudia!

Your Opportunity

A variety of digital sessions for learners in the classroom, youth groups and those learning from home, to suit learners aged between 10-19. Get in touch with Stacey or Claudia if you are interested!

LGBTQIA+ in Care

Take a look at the website and get engaged! If you have any questions or thoughts that you want to talk about get in touch with Claudia or Stacey.

Pathways from care!

Check out interesting podcasts and youtube channels made from people in care for people in care!

Let's learn about Social Change

Creators on YouTube are in a unique position to generate a positive social impact by creating meaningful dialogue around current topics and issues. Get the tools to help communicate your message on YouTube. To complete this course: first, sign in, then finish the lessons at your own pace and pass the course exam with 75% to get your letter of completion.

I had a great manager during my work placement with Berkeley, Marlene, who made sure every minute spent with the team I was busy learning something. It was amazing to find out so much about the construction industry... What an experience, thank you so much Berkeley!
Kerry Girt
Care Leaver
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