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Are you 14-17 years old? Find your next opportunity!

Welcome to our Opportunities Platform! Here you can find tips, hints & links to interesting offers all around London (online and offline). We will keep this page updated with the newest opportunities. Once you spot something that you want to engage with, just drop us a message and we will get you started.
Are you with Compass? Text Stacey at 07500905156
Are you part of Breakthrough? Text Claudia at 07384314079 or Francis at 07387822270  
What I liked most about the course was that we learnt how to use a camera... and we were able to keep them too. I take pictures now every day!
14 years old

We are looking forward to seeing you at our events in 2021!

February 2021 - coming soon!

Become Charity is looking for your support!

Are you care experienced and want to help other care experienced young people?

In partnership with Children in Need, Become is looking for young care-experienced people aged 16-18 to  develop a series of workshops on building and maintaining healthy relationships for other care experienced young people aged 13-18.


Insight Session #2 Law

Learn more about the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE - Who they are & what they do! - Classroom to Court Room: Apprenticeships & Other Opportunities - Justice in Your Hands – Case Studies

Digital Work Experience

In this programme, you will be joining as if you were a Linklaters trainee, about to start your Training Contract with us. You will get an insight into the structure of a Training Contract, increase your knowledge of our core practice areas and understand the range of work that a trainee gets involved in. You will also learn about the pro bono work at the firm and the ongoing training and development our trainees benefit from throughout their Training Contract and beyond.

Photography Workshop

To sign up text creativenetwork@alexandrapalace.com and write in the subject line: "Sign me up for This New Decade Photography Project"

We'll keep you posted

We'll keep you posted

Ongoing 2021

Level Up and Learn!

You have the exclusive opportunity to speak to a professional who works in the industry that you are interested in! All you have to do is REACH OUT TO US and tell us. We will then link you to someone who can give you first hand insights! Text Stacey or Claudia for more information! Level up! Challenge accepted?!

Cooking & Culture

This project is the Culture Hub Cookbook This will consist of people creating recipes of their choice from either their own heritage, cultural or religious backgrounds or just recipes they like from anywhere from the world. You will need to: - Write the recipe(s) - Give a small introduction of your personal background - Cook the dish - Take a few pictures of the process and the product.

Your Opportunity

LSA is a sixth form academy for students aged 16 to 19 years old; founded by some of the UK’s most successful film producers. LSA is unique and exciting; we are redefining what creative education means through this partnership between London’s best teachers and professionals working in film and TV in the UK and beyond. Everything that LSA offers is practical, relevant and plugged into the real world, building a solid foundation for our students’ futures. APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOW! WE WILL HELP YOU TO APPLY

Are you interested in Performing Arts?

The big house might be something you want to take a look at. The Big House is a place where people who

Pathways from care!

Check out interesting podcasts and youtube channels made from people in care for people in care!

Free Access to Microsoft!

Please click on the link below and use your school email to access the Microsoft Office packages. You will get access to Word, PowerPoint and Excel!
Getting familiar with these programmes will increase your employability skills dramatically!!

Text Claudia or Stacey if you have questions

Let's learn about Social Change

Creators on YouTube are in a unique position to generate a positive social impact by creating meaningful dialogue around current topics and issues. Get the tools to help communicate your message on YouTube. To complete this course: first, sign in, then finish the lessons at your own pace and pass the course exam with 75% to get your letter of completion.

Young Writers

Do you want to get experience in creative writing, vlogging, blogging or anything else that you think is great to share?! You have an opportunity to write about your Breakthrough experience and get rewarded with a 20£ voucher! On top of that you will get professional support from Claudia & you work will be published on our website, on Instagram and in our annual report! Of course, you will also get a certificate that acknowledges your good work! Get in touch with Claudia!

Snow Camp

Motivating young people to fully engage is the key to successful youth work and we have found that snowsports are incredibly attractive to inner-city young people, despite being out-of-reach for many. The opportunity to participate in snowsports acts as the tool with which we can effectively engage young people and maintain a positive involvement with them. Our programmes run from July-June each year. All young people must start at the beginning on First Tracks and have no prior snowsports experience

I had a great manager during my work placement with Berkeley, Marlene, who made sure every minute spent with the team I was busy learning something. It was amazing to find out so much about the construction industry... What an experience, thank you so much Berkeley!
Kerry Girt
Care Leaver
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