Laying The Foundations To Flourish

Navigate Your Own Way

Compass is a brand-new pilot project aimed at 13-14-year-old children in care. We believe in encouraging children to aspire further than they can see. This programme will open up their field of vision to a range of opportunities, experiences and industries, previously perceived as unattainable; challenging their beliefs about who they are and what they are capable of.

Realise Your Full Potential

Our ground-breaking programme has been designed to empower young people aged 14-16 to create a compelling future and overcome any adversity along the way; all wrapped up in a package of positive relationships, fun days out, residential experiences and consistent one-to-one support over what could be the most important 3 years of their lives. Delivered with lived experience!

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COVID-19 is putting care leavers at risk

It’s a global crisis, and we need your help to get through it.

Care leavers are one of the most overlooked and underrepresented groups in the UK. Today, they’re also among those affected by the Coronavirus crisis. You can help them stay safe, healthy and motivated. Donate to our Covid-19 care leaver fund or volunteer your time and skills and support care leavers to stay on track to fulfill their full potential.