Our Compass Programme

Compass is a brand-new pilot project aimed at 13-14-year-old children in care. We believe in encouraging children to aspire further than they can see. This programme will open up their field of vision to a range of opportunities, experiences and industries, previously perceived as unattainable; challenging their beliefs about who they are and what they are capable of.

Underlying our delivery and offer is a strong desire and passion to make a lasting difference. This enables us to help children with experience of care to have greater chances of success and fulfilment in adulthood.

Compass will facilitate positive change utilising our MAD model of engagement:
Motivation: the key theme of year one. Participants focus on personal development, problem solving and an understanding of self to enable them to deploy their passions, values and strengths in pursuit of their aspirations.
Action: the key theme of year two. Participants focus on education, career, identification of transferable skills and the cultivation of a sense of community.
Development: the key theme of the final year, Participants focus on the development of their ideas, aspirations and understanding of their pathway from education to adulthood. Compass will draw upon Drive Forward Foundation’s exclusive corporate partnerships to provide volunteering and career tasters enabling them to leave care successfully and happily.

Optional Activities

Activities offered to our young people giving them an opportunity to socialise with other young people who have care experience.

Half Term Events

2-3 days filled with activities focusing on a specific topic to support individuals’ growth and development. Participants are introduced to new experiences, allowing them to find new hobbies and develop new skills. Most events will further provide the opportunity to achieve accredited qualifications!

Trips And Experiences

Getting out of their day-to-day environment and making new experiences enhances individuals’ perspectives on their lives, education and future careers. Participants are invited to join us on day trips or residentials in London as well as nationally.

Summer Mentoring

To further support their personal progression, programme participants will benefit from a specifically developed summer mentoring programme.

Young People
Life-changing programme

Optional Activities

Each young person will be invited to monthly activities ranging from group dinners and themes debates, film nights, youth clubs, as well as physical and sports activities facilitated by qualified personal trainers. All activities are free for programme participants to attend and are tailored to individual’s personal needs and aspirations.

Half Term Events

Each half term event is organised around a specific theme; featuring workshops, guest speakers and some social action projects for the young people to facilitate – which looks great on CV’s as well. These experiences will help push the young people out of comfort zones and most importantly provide them with new knowledge and skills, whilst enabling them to create more positive relationships.

Drive Forward is a great charity, providing help and support at what is often a crucial turning point in young people’s lives.

Trips And Experiences

We believe that exposing looked-after children to new experiences has the potential to open their eyes to something that they never thought possible before; broadening their horizons and raising their aspirations. All our activities have been designed to empower young individuals to develop the knowledge and skills they need to better understand themselves as well as the world around them. From professionally facilitated team building games, to drama workshops or a zip wire experience, all activities aim to help participants better navigate and design their own lives.

Summer Mentoring

All project participants have access to a mentor throughout the summer holidays; someone who has gone through similar experiences and who they can talk to about issues relating to school, fostering, friends etc. over a meal or someone to go and watch a movie with when they just need to relax.

Individuals will be working with three mentors over the course of three years. The first two will have lived experience of going through the care system themselves and specifically focus on supporting individuals to prepare for semi-independent living. The last mentor, however, will be a young professional (care-experienced or not), able to guide and advise programme participants on how to successfully identify and realise their career goals.

We are currently accepting referrals and meeting with potential participants. Get in touch now for an October 2019 start! For further information please contact our Youth Programme Manager Stacey on Stacey@driveforwardfoundation.org

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