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Breakthrough was a three-year long pilot programme designed to give care-experienced young people aged 15-18 a voice as they approached the transition into becoming care leavers. By offering group events, career insight sessions as well as bespoke one-on-one support, the young people learnt important employability skills and grew to believe in their own potential. 

“Breakthrough gives you the opportunity to be whoever you want to be. If you let them know who you want to be, they are there to guide you for you to be able to achieve your goals.”

“I learnt that to be a leader you need to have some qualities like befriending yourself and believing in yourself which is something I have done today”

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Picture of Claudia Roehlen, Programme Manager

Claudia Roehlen, Programme Manager

“I am beyond proud of each and every participant on the Breakthrough Programme. There have been some challenges along the way, like the pandemic, but it was so nice to see that we were able to maintain a supportive and engaged group dynamic. The young people have formed friendships and continue to support each other. They are leaving Breakthrough as strong and motivated young adults. I am particularly happy that so many young people have remained in education and training and have found part-time jobs., This will help them to become successful and live independently. I am excited to see where they go next!"

“Breakthrough allowed me to become a confident person and helped me to face challenges no matter how difficult. It also expanded my knowledge, allowing me to share my opinion with others and it was a free space where I can open up without being judged.”

Picture of Luana, Breakthrough Participant

Luana, Breakthrough Participant

“Before joining DFF I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or how I could progress. I didn’t really want to go to university and it was difficult finding opportunities or advice. By being a part of Breakthrough I feel like I’ve grown a lot in confidence. I am not afraid to ask questions anymore and I learnt so many things related to career pathways and also about leaving care. I received a lot of help with my work placement and university applications so now I understand the process much better. Out of all the events Breakthrough has organised I think my favourites are the Link Ups. This is where we have group meetings and have the chance to come together. 

We have fun but we also learn different things about life and how to cope with difficult situations. I also LOVED the trip to the beach in Brighton, that was fun!

I am passionate about event management, helping people plan big events and making them happy. I want to become someone who supports others, that’s why I am aiming to continue my learning and find more opportunities. I believe that I can do it and I will be successful. With everything I’ve learnt with Breakthrough, I now want to go university so I can be successful and live a fulfilling life. I’ve become much more optimistic about my future.”

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