Where Will You Uncover Your Breakthrough?

Our ground-breaking programme has been designed to empower young people in year 12 & 13 to create a compelling future and overcome any adversity along the way; all wrapped up in a package of positive relationships, fun days out, residential experiences and consistent one-to-one support. The programme started in September 2019 when the young people were in year 10 & 11, and we are now in our third and final year. We are proud of our achievements and we are looking forward to even more! 

We understand that biography doesn’t equal destiny. Our future-focused Breakthrough programme offers care-experienced young people an opportunity to step outside of their life and see their future from a different perspective. We recognise the importance of self-belief, aspiration and an understanding of thinking patterns as the fundamentals to success and happiness. 

Our dynamic programme works on multiple levels taking into account that children want to be children before being ‘children in care’. With an emphasis on providing a space, trusting relationships and personal development, Breakthrough truly lays the foundations for young people to flourish and have a whole heap of fun on the way!


A conversation with a purpose. Coaching bridges the gap between where young people are and where they want to be.

Saturday Link-Ups

Social get-togethers, workshops and days out to build positive relationships.

Immersive Experiences

Sensory real-life experiences designed to enhance young people’s outlook on their circumstances

Empowerment Camp

A residential retreat designed to help young people explore their identities away from their familiar surroundings.

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Career support for care leaver with Drive Forward

Each participant will be supported by our award-winning life coach and our career coach who they will work with weekly over the duration of the programme. For us, coaching is a lot more than just a buzz-word, it is a set of principles, attitudes and outcome-focused behaviours that empower our young people to take charge of their lives and reach even greater levels of resilience and independence. Coaching is a conversational approach that elicits ‘present state’ and ‘desired state’. It understands where people are, and where they want to be. The tools and techniques our team apply help to remove any blocks that surface in supporting young people on their journeys between the two.

Saturday Link-Ups

Care leaver career opportunities with Drive Forward

With a recognition of the importance of relationships, and a desire to provide a space for young people to have fun and form support networks outside of services, we have included Saturday Link-ups in our programme. This entails fun days out, a youth club, personal development workshops and delicious meals out at top restaurants! We recognise that interdependency, amongst those with similar experiences, can be a real benefit in transitioning from care to adulthood. We aim to create a sense of community and reduce isolation in the care system.

Drive Forward is a great charity, providing help and support at what is often a crucial turning point in young people’s lives.

Immersive Experiences

Exclusive career opportunities for care leavers with Drive Forward Partner companies

We believe that certain experiences provide us with new perspectives on our lives. When we experience something that provokes us to look at our own life circumstances in contrast to those who are less fortunate, it becomes easier to feel gratitude, appreciation and a sense of empathy. We have included a series of immersive experiences in our programme that will change the way young people look at their lives forever. Over the duration of the programme, our participants will join us for 3 life-changing events.

Empowerment Camp

Job application help for care leavers

In the final year of our programme, each participant will join us at Empowerment Camp for a few nights. This transformational and immersive event will provide a safe space for young people to explore identity, meaning and purpose. Challenging outdoor activities will take young people outside of their comfort zones smashing their beliefs about who they are and what they are truly capable of! We will laugh together, cry together and most importantly progress together!

Join us on Breakthrough!

We are currently accepting referrals for year 2 and 3 of the programme, and meeting with potential participants. Get in touch now for a September 2020 start! For further information and a friendly chat, contact our Youth Programme Manager Francis on francis@driveforwardfoundation.org or call our offices at 0207 620 3000.

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