Drive Stories: Thomas

Hi, my name is Thomas and I’m 20 years old. Before I heard about Drive Forward, I was independently job searching, I used to use the internet to look for jobs online but never knew how to go about doing this the correct way. I used to spend a long time online but had no success. At times this became very frustrating at points where I felt like giving up and had periods where I stopped searching for a while. I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong to not get interviews or job offers.

The future was uncertain, I wasn’t sure where I would be heading in terms of career direction. I also lacked confidence due to having no interviews or any luck through online job searching. This led to me being very frustrated and feeling a bit lost.

Working 1-2-1 with my Careers Specialist Sunraj has really supported me, mainly in terms of confidence boost. Through this I learnt more about online job searching strategies, such as using Indeed and more importantly digital career tools like LinkedIn. I began getting noticed in the job market, I started to get call backs from recruiters and hiring managers, then this eventually led to a successful job offer in a field I wanted.

Thanks to Sunraj, I now have a clearer career path. I do not feel lost anymore and my confidence has increased. Sunraj simplified the process, through virtual Microsoft Teams sessions, we navigated online job sites such as Indeed and he showed me tips and tricks when completing applications. I am now confident to look for work myself online and am currently doing this to find more weekend work. I am now working as a delivery driver which is one step closer to reaching my dream job in vehicle recovery.

My current job allows me to gain experience, as well as earn money which will allow me to fund my lorry/HGV license to do vehicle recovery. After a few years of vehicle recovery experience, I would love to be self-employed and have my own vehicle recovery business.

Now I am more confident in job searching but also at work. It’s great having a Careers Specialist as I have someone I can turn to when I face any troubles at work or need support to find a new job. For now, I aim to keep working as a delivery driver and pick up more shifts over the weekend. I have now saved enough money to buy my own car and will use this for further work such as Uber Eats driving. This will allow me to save more money to one day reach my goal of having my own vehicle recovery business.

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Drive Stories: Thomas

From feeling lost to achieving his dream: Thomas’ story of overcoming job search challenges with Drive Forward’s support.

In this excerpt, Thomas shares his experience of overcoming job search challenges and achieving his career goals with the help of Drive Forward. He details his struggles with independent job searching, the confidence boost he received from his Careers Specialist, and the valuable skills he learned that led him to a successful job offer. Thomas’ story is an inspiration to anyone facing difficulties in their job search.

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