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Up Close and Personal

Compass and Breakthrough, Drive Forward Early Intervention programmes, launched a new online series this month called ‘Up Close and Personal’. Bringing care-experienced young people aged 13-18 and professionals with authority  in and around their lives together, the initiative aims to bust common myths that our young people may have about specific services and the people representing them.

On the one hand, the project intends to build and foster a better understanding of the services, looking behind the scenes and seeing the individual people behind the uniforms. On the other hand, we also want to open up new career opportunities for young people, showcasing the various roles, the highs and lows of the job as well as the different career routes into the sector.

Up Close with the Met Police

For our first event we were joined by five Met Police Officers, who successfully managed to keep their young audience engaged in lively debates, interesting discussions, and prompting important questions. The officers didn’t shy away from a tough and curious group of young people and provided some detailed and eye-opening answers. How often does misconduct get reported?  And are there systems in place to assist police officers when reporting misconduct within the force?

What did we take away?

One 14-years-old participant reflects on their experience of this virtual encounter.

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