Module are a full-service design agency, providing online and offline experiences to deliver big ideas, beautifully. We offer strategy, branding and digital services to a range of companies, across a number of sectors. This helps to keep our minds sharp, our ideas different and our work life interesting.

We have been sharing creative ideas for over 20 years and have now exchanged our London office to fully embrace remote working, and bring you excellent creative services from across the country. Module is a friendly and inclusive company that aims to give people the opportunity for growth and development by encouraging people to be themselves and add their own creativity to the team.

At Module, a young care-experienced person can expect a warm welcome and support. While we expect a professional attitude from everyone, we make sure we work with each team member so that everyone can achieve their full potential.

Module have worked with Drive Forward for a number of years from hosting ‘Aim Higher’ days, Lunch Clubs, providing work experience to providing pro bono services. We are always happy to discuss ways we can improve our partnership and help young people gain opportunities that may not have been previously accessible. We have learnt that there are a lot of young people out there that can do great things but just need a chance. The young people that have been through our doors have been extremely talented and continue to enable us to provide the best creative services we can by bringing in fresh ideas and approaches to our work.

Every business would benefit from giving back and whether it is advice, a day at a company, or work experience, even a small gesture could help a young person get on the path to better opportunities.

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