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Why Partner With Us?

We know that our young people benefit enormously from introductions into serious working environments. They gain a greater appreciation of the sector they have chosen to work in, as well as vital experience to put on their CV. But because our programme prepares them for the next step, they arrive ready for work and capable of making a big difference to your business. We believe that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to prove their worth. That’s why we partner with businesses big and small to open the world of work to the young people on our programme. If you’ve got the drive to bring in new thinking, work with great young talent and help others grow, then we are the partner charity for you.

Diversify Your Workforce

Because our young people come from a variety of backgrounds, there’s a great opportunity for you to create a rich environment with a team built on a mixture of outlooks and opinions.

Embrace Those Hungry To Progress

Our young people don’t expect an easy ride. They’re eager to learn, keen to find a purpose in life, and ready to graft and give back as much as they get.

Make A Positive Difference

Working with our young people will help continue to shatter the stereotype that those who’ve been in care will struggle to achieve anything meaningful. A simple opportunity can be enough to help someone truly flourish.

Boost Your Business

Whether it’s improving your corporate social responsibilities, your induction and internship programmes, or just injecting some creativity and enthusiasm into the office, your support of what we do can enrich the everyday aspects of your business.

Our relationship with you is a win/win – we can help your young people to learn, develop and gain confidence and we can engage our teams with supporting this as this is so important to Millenials / Gen Z.
Kim Grieske
Planet Organic

How You Can Help

As the experts in your field, you are best placed to teach young individuals the skills, knowledge and attitude they need to succeed in your industry.

Host An Aim Higher Day

Invite a group of young people to your offices and showcase what your industry has to offer. Teach them about the different career paths, opportunities and the impact they may have within your sector.

“I’ve enjoyed every part of the day, especially engaging with all the different team members and conversing with the employers.” – Jeremy, 19

Run Interview Pizza and Prep

The perfect volunteering opportunity for your HR-team! Help young people perfect their interview skills by running a series of short mock interviews and providing instant constructive feedback. Participants can then put your advice into action immediately and see their improvement through the interview rounds.

“HR-Speed-Dating was extremely helpful and I was given techniques to help with anxiety. I feel reassured that I have what it takes to succeed!” – Angela, 22

Volunteer With Us

From talking to a young person about your career over a coffee, to assisting them with writing a spotless CV, to becoming a mentor or running a fundraiser in your office, there are plenty of ways to get involved and have a direct impact on young care leavers’ lives. Click here to see how you can make the biggest impact.

What It Means To Them

– Morrilyn, 22

“Doing an internship at Hill+Knowlton was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had the opportunity to build transferable skills such as working to meet deadlines, working in teams and being able to manage workload, all of these skills will definitely benefit me in my studies. One of my favourite memory was the support I received from my line manager and head of the technology department;they believed in me, encouraged me and were very willing to invest in me, that I will never forget.”

– Adonay, 20

“The competitiveness of Finance as a career has proven to be challenging in particular with little experience. However, I have been lucky enough to have the help of Drive Forward who assisted me with gaining some valuable work experience with American Express. This placement gave me an insight into the Corporate world of Finance as well as exposing me to challenging work which has left me feeling more prepared and equipped to begin a career within the financial sector.”

– Henriques, 21

“My big thank you to you Brian at Lloyds Bank, you are the most amazing person that I have known in my entire life… I can’t even describe how important you were, you made me feel welcome throughout my placement at Lloyds. I have learned things that I will take everywhere I go. I won’t be scared to fail. I will learn from my mistakes and my resilience will grow.”

– Kerry, 25

“I had a great manager during my work placement with Berkeley, Marlene, who made sure every minute spent with the team I was busy learning something. It was amazing to find out so much about the construction industry,it’s actually really interesting. I learnt about the administrative process of document control, which I enjoyed as it’s a responsible role that requires a lot of organising. I also got to goon site and went to the top of the new development at West End Gate in Edgeware Road. The view from the top was incredible, what an experience, I was shaking inside, but I didn’t look down!Getting up early every day was really motivating, I was never late, I took in every minute of learning, I even gave a PowerPoint presentation to the team which massively boosted my self-confidence, and before I left Marlene gave me some great tips for my CV. What an experience, thank you so much Berkeley!

Join Us A Strategic Partner

A partnership with Drive Forward provides your company with the unique opportunity to inspire and motivate your teams, have a positive impact in your local community, and add true diversity to your business.

It enables your staff to acquire new skills, broaden their horizons, and make a lasting imprint on young people’s lives. At Drive Forward we think it is important that our partners have a strong grasp of the many barriers our young people face in sustaining employment. For this reason, we offer exclusive tailored training to our corporate partners and prospective mentors, from our consultant clinical psychologist and the Drive Forward staff.

This training covers an introduction to brain development and the impact of trauma and stress on young people, as well as useful practical skills in creating an atmosphere to respond to these challenges. Training sessions on brain development can be offered three to four times a year, with an additional session on practical ways of responding to these issues offered on a rolling basis. In addition to training, your £5000 membership package includes:

  • Feature on our annual report
  • Your logo on our website
  • Promotional advertising on our social media platforms
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • A range of activities for staff involvement with our young people
  • Employee mentoring opportunities for our young people
  • Pre-placement training on managing vulnerable young people for your staff
  • Training with a clinical psychologist 3-4 times a year
  • Regular Partner Breakfasts, networking events and training sessions
  • Support to plan fundraising events with a dedicated Account Manager
  • Support with creating a more diverse workforce and creating apprenticeships/internships
  • A chance to promote your organisation and sector to a marginalised group
  • A dedicated account manager to support and work with you
  • Access to a hidden market of talent and potential
  • Opportunity to benefit or create your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda and commitment to the local community
  • Being a part of Drive Forward can possibly help your application of charitable awards via impact reporting
  • Positive impact on the life of a young person between the ages of 16-26

To find out more about how your business can make a lasting impact get in touch with our Head of Corporate Engagement Lucy Elamad. Alternatively, you can give us a call at 0207 620 3000.

Join Our Early Intervention Partnership Scheme

Become a partner for our pilot early intervention programmes, Breakthrough and Compass, and support children in care in London. Partners play a vital role in achieving our mission through a programme of activities including work experience placements, volunteering and sponsoring events.

There is no one way to work with us and we will work with you to ensure that the support that you offer makes a tangible difference to our programme participants and is tailored to the expertise that you can offer.

Head over to our Early Intervention page and find out more about how you can make a lasting difference. Or get in touch with our Strategic Partnerships Manager Miranda Reilly directly.

I had a great manager during my work placement with Berkeley, Marlene, who made sure every minute spent with the team I was busy learning something. It was amazing to find out so much about the construction industry... What an experience, thank you so much Berkeley!
Kerry Girt
Care Leaver

Successful Partnerships

Module Media

In 2017, Module Media went on a quest to help young people move into a career they truly enjoy. “I know that it can be really hard to get experience in order to get a job. I’ve had jobs turned down because I didn’t have the experience, but how do you get that experience?” says Design Manager Sabrina. Looking to work with an organisation to enable young people to get exactly the experience that would enable them to follow a sustainable career, Sabrina came across Drive Forward. 

Shortly after an initial meeting with us, we introduced them to Jack, who had just graduated in graphic design and was highly motivated to find a job in the industry. Just as Module Media instantly felt that Jack would be a great addition to their small team, Jack immediately felt comfortable in the friendly family-like work environment. From the very start, Jack was given the opportunity to work on meaningful projects, have creative autonomy and prove his capabilities and willingness to learn. An initial 2-weeks work placement turned into a several months long internship and eventually into a full-time position. 

Since then, Module Media have taken on two more young people from Drive Forward to expand their web development and management team. One of them is Akira, whose story (read it here) provides deep insights into the struggles young people with a background in care have to face up to.

American Express

Since partnering with American Express in late 2015, the company have delivered 13 superb work experiences – and there are more planned for the near future. AMEX’s Brighton office was chosen as the best location for our clients due to its friendly, inclusive atmosphere and the wide variety of roles available. A team of fifteen AMEX staff took part in DFF’s training workshop on better management of care leavers in the workplace, finding this very useful in their design of work opportunities. 

The first three work experiences gave candidates the opportunity to gain experience in collections, customer service and fraud. They were also provided with insightful training on how to discover their own strengths and weaknesses, making them better placed to sell themselves or choose the right career path in the future. 

At the end of each placement, AMEX hosts a celebratory lunch during which young people give presentations to senior staff on their individual journey and experience. There is no doubt that the first round of placements was a massive success. The second round focused in on the fraud department, as this was by far the area of work that candidates found most exciting. Candidates spent all 10 days in fraud, reviewing illegal applications and other fraudulent activity, learning about the subtle differences between forged and genuine documents and shadowing complaints procedures.

What Our Partners Think

Planet Organic partner with Drive Forward to help young people

“We have a fulfilling partnership with the Drive Forward Foundation. We’ve had an opportunity to attend ‘Lunch Club’ to support participants with CV skills and also to invite in a group to a store to learn about our values, have a delicious organic meal and have some fun creating smoothies. We strongly believe in promoting social mobility and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.”

Kim Gieske
HR Director

We understand the huge benefit that giving young people the opportunity to spend time with us provides. The experience they gain enables them to have a greater understanding and appreciation of our sector, as well as being vital experience for their CV. The Drive Forward young people are incredibly driven and motivated. They join us ready to work and learn. For us, there are lots of benefits. The firm has a strong focus on wellbeing, encouraging our people to be involved in different initiatives. There are many documented benefits of volunteering, but, for us, Drive Forward provides an opportunity to make a difference through a positive effect on the young people we support.

Victoria Pickworth Booth
Emerging Talent Manager
Squire Patton Boggs partner with Drive Forward to help young people
Module Media partner with Drive Forward to help young people

“Luke has shown a lot of potential, as well as boundless enthusiasm to learn, both attributes which make for a great member of our team. That coupled with his good work ethic meant that we would be foolish not to help him gain the experience he needs and in turn for Luke to help us build our development resource and ultimately enable us to provide a better service for our clients. Luke has fitted in seamlessly with the team and his dedication to ensuring things are done right, will see him go a long way.”

Andrew Walker
Managing Director
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