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We partner with businesses big and small to create a pipeline from care to career. If you’ve got the drive to bring in new thinking, work with great young talent and help others grow, then we are the partner charity for you.

Diversify Your Workforce

Because our young people come from a variety of backgrounds, there’s a great opportunity for you to create a rich environment with a team built on a mixture of outlooks and opinions.

Embrace Those Hungry To Progress

Our young people don’t expect an easy ride. They’re eager to learn, keen to find a purpose in life, and ready to graft and give back as much as they get.

Make A Positive Difference

Working with our young people will help continue to shatter the stereotype that those who’ve been in care will struggle to achieve anything meaningful. A simple opportunity can be enough to help someone truly flourish.

Boost Your Business

Whether it’s improving your corporate social responsibilities, your induction and internship programmes, or just injecting some creativity and enthusiasm into the office, your support of what we do can enrich the everyday aspects of your business.

Lola - The Crown Estate

"The placements helped me open my mind; I learnt the software and how to operate it. I can now see how this knowledge relates to the job. The Crown Estate provided me with a step by step guide and I was not left by myself to complete tasks. I was doing real work.”

Make a difference. Become a partner.

Drive Supporter

Drive Supporters are eager to increase social mobility either by providing access to existing programmes and opportunities, or by supporting Drive Forward Foundation directly.

Drive Supporters may:

  • Provide links to networks to progress the work of Drive Forward;
  • Offer early application access to upcoming work experience and employment opportunities e.g. internship programmes; 
  • Offer one-off work placement or experience opportunities; 
  • Delivery employment support or training sessions to young people; 
  • Provide training and events space or catering; 
  • Run staff fundraising events; 
  • Offer pro-bono support to young people or our charity; 
  • And so much more… 🙂 

Drive Partner

Drive Partners engage across a range of activities from running bespoke workshops and events, to developing tailored work placements, to sponsoring Drive programmes.
Drive Partners will:
  • Create a bespoke programme of activities to build young peoples’ skillsets and career prospects;
  • Develop tailored work experience placements, employability workshops, ring-fenced internships and inclusive recruitment processes;
  • Enable young people to take up long-term employment opportunities within your organisation;
  • Sponsor our programmes and activities;

Joseph - Mentee

"I was delighted to be nominated and picked as a finalist in the BAME Apprenticeships Awards 2021. The team from Drive Forward, Multiverse and Global Counsel have helped me find a clear direction in my career path."


What we will do for you

What we ask from you


  1. A dedicated account manager: we will work with you to develop opportunities according to your resources.

  2. Ongoing training: we offer an induction session and pre-placement training for your team to provide an understanding of what it means to be care-experienced and how to provide holistic workplace support. 

  3. Candidate preparation: we work closely with young people to support them in preparation for opportunities with you. If a young person joins your team our support does not end there, we will stay in contact with both you and the individual.

  4. Events: we run regular breakfast mornings and an annual partner appreciation event to give you the chance to network, hear from young people we work with and learn about topics related to our work.  

  5. Partner network: we work with a range of partners from corporate and public sectors to promote social mobility and inclusion. You’ll be welcomed to connect with other partners and share best practice across our network so that, together, we can bring about equality in the workplace for care-experienced young people. 


  1. A successful partnership must be built on the shared belief and understanding of our mission and vision for care-experienced young people.  

  2. Working with us should be seen as one part of a wider agenda to promote diversity and inclusion. As part of this process, we want partners to review existing recruitment policies and practices.  

  3. In addition, we will encourage you to consider alternative application processes to provide individuals we work with the best opportunity of showcasing their skills and potential.  

  4. Providing an opportunity for a care-experienced young person is just the start. We ask that you invest time into making this work by providing an appropriate work support network.




Partner Packed Placements with Breakthrough

"I liked how there was always something to do and a mountain of things to learn from those within their given workplace. It was so cool to see and understand how it feels to work for a big successful company!"

Current Partners

Partner with us!

We recognise that every business and organisation is different and that we all have our own challenges and ambitions. What counts for us is your drive to make a lasting positive impact!

Get in touch today and find out more how we can work together to make it happen!

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