Apprenticeships. A chance to thrive.

Apprenticeships can be a fantastic alternative to university for young people who have left care; offering the chance to enter work and gain qualifications at the same time. Apprenticeships are also a great fit for those who are practically minded and learn best on the job!

Always eager to provide the young people working with us with a multitude of opportunities to choose from, some two years ago, we partnered with the tech start-up Multiverse.

Multiverse are on a mission to create a diverse group of future leaders by providing high quality apprenticeships in business admin, software engineering and digital marketing. They offer tailored support through the application process and have worked with Drive Forward Foundation to ensure that individuals experience consistent quality support throughout. Our contact, Joe, is eager to enable young people to put their best foot forward and get the best chance to be successful in their applications! 

“At Multiverse, we believe apprenticeships have the potential to be an incredible vehicle for social mobility that is why our partnership with Drive Forward is so important. While talent is evenly distributed, the opportunity is not by providing young people with world-class opportunities and support we believe that we are creating future leaders!”

Not only this, but Multiverse recognise the gap that apprenticeships can leave, in contrast to university, in not offering the same social experiences for building a personal and professional network. To make apprentices not miss out, Multiverse therefor offer their own range of social activities, perks, and networking opportunities. 

Last year, we saw first-hand the possibilities an apprenticeship can provide when a young man we work with, Joseph, secured an apprenticeship with Global Counsel. The now 21-year-old studied level three creative media at college and this sparked his interest in digital marketing. He learnt about Multiverse through Drive Forward. Finding out that they offered opportunities in his areas of interest Joseph decided to take the plunge and sign up! 

He completed his profile and worked with Joe to send out applications to different companiesAs with every job search, he did not always hear back, but Joseph did not lose hope and with the support and reassurance of Joe, Joseph soon began securing interviews. Whilst Joseph was not successful in his first interview, he received fantastic feedback and used this to work towards an interview that he got shortly afterwards with Global Counsel. And this time he was successful and joined the thriving strategic advisory business in August of last year.

“Everyone at the Global Counsel team was very welcoming, even though I haven’t met everyone from the team in person yet. I’m really busy, there is a lot of tasks to do and I receive training from the team to make sure that I am able to do these. The apprenticeship side of it is going really well. Multiverse have introduced a Community Hub where you can interact with others doing apprenticeships and join events which makes a real difference.”


Earn while you learn

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