Dainon Gorman, Breakthrough Specialist Youth Worker

Dainon Gorman, Breakthrough Specialist Youth Worker

Dainon joined our team in late 2020, bringing a wealth of personal experience, skill, and a deep passion for enabling people to drive their own change. Dainon draws on his own life’s story when working with young people. He knows what it is like to face multiple challenges simultaneously and alone. He has first-hand experience of being a young person in care, making bad decisions, and getting involved with the criminal justice system. During his time in prison, Dainon worked hard to turn his life around. He gained his qualification as a carpenter and began working with Drum and Brass CIC becoming a mentor himself.
Today, Dainon works as a carpenter, is one of the Directors of Drum and Brass CIC, owns a music studio, and supports young people on our Breakthrough programme.

“I want to help young people achieve their potential, no matter their start in life or circumstances.”

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